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Daily Blog #1 GYSTING - Food

Updated: Mar 7

Good morning! Today is going to be all about food! Getting my shit together, simplifying my life & focusing on areas in my life that i'm lacking. For example-

Physical Wellness: proper eating habits, exercise, & getting organized

Career Wellness: expanding knowledge, skills, & creativity. Building a career for myself

Spiritual Wellness: self care, household responsibilities, & only choose love

First and foremost, FOOD!

Oh gosh I already feel myself getting stressed & not knowing where to start...

okay soooo I think i'm going to focus on 2 things, making a list of essentials (so i'm not lost when I go to the grocery store) & saving recipes i'd like to try on pinterest (to try new things & get creative/inspired) *pinterest page linked on blog homepage*

Food Goals

  1. Reduce processed food & sugar

  2. Eat more vegetables

  3. Eat complex carbs that are high in fiber

  4. Eat healthy fats

  5. Eat more fermented foods

Overview: Stop eating crap. Eat better, not less. Lean towards a more raw, organic, sustainable, plant based diet. I eventually want to live off the land & off grid!

Food Essentials

Coming Soon!

What I ate today!đź’–


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